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Free penny slots – play popular slots for free, choosing the best option for yourself

Penny slots free is a free version of very popular games on slot machines that allow you to bet very small amounts of money. Therefore, these slots are very popular among all players, as they allow you to play the most popular slots even to those players who do not have a lot of money.

The most popular free online penny slots are the following slot machines:

  • Cleopatra. This slot was developed by International Game Technologies. Slots of the slot machine are made in the style of Ancient Egypt, with images of the Sphinx, Cleopatra, Pyramids and much more from this culture.
  • Zeus – the game is made in the style of Ancient Greek Mythology, as can be understood from its name. Developed these slot machines by Williams interactive. A gamble feature is also provided with every win.
  • Spartacus- is also a gaming slot, the software development of which was engaged in Williams Interactive. The main themes of this slot are the wars of conquest of the Roman Empire. As a scatter in the game is the Colosseum. In the game, you can get bonus rounds when the Coliseum falls out.

Strategies to win slots

Many players who have been fond of slot machines for a long time know that the choice of a strategy for winning them is limited. Indeed, in slot machines a lot depends on luck and luck, so it’s hard to find a certain strategy that would help to understand how to win at penny slots. However, there are some aspects that can help in the winnings.

In addition, many experts believe that winning on bets with small amounts of money is easier, since the casino does not pay much attention to such players and often allows them to win in order to draw attention to more expensive slots. The easier the gameplay, the more difficult it is to win at such slot machines.

One-game strategy

This strategy is one of the most effective, but at the same time the simplest strategies. It consists in the fact that the player makes the maximum possible bet on the slot machine, and in case of a win, makes another turn.

In case of loss, it switches to another slot machine. This strategy allows not only to increase the chances of winning, but also to try the game in all casino slots.

Standard Deviation Strategy

This is a quality strategy based on mathematical equations and the use of a specific slot machine. To do this, you need to find a slot machine with multiple payments, then you should determine the standard number of spins between wins. To determine it, you must click on the rotation button until you win, then again and look at how many spins the winning combinations fall out.

Then, based on the data obtained, it is necessary to calculate the number of standard spins between two wins, with the highest bets placed on the winning rotation.

Choice of games with the smallest jackpot

This strategy is suitable for short-term wins. Since it takes longer to create large jackpots, there is a greater chance that the player will lose, while smaller jackpots need less time to win.

Therefore, it is better to give preference to modest payouts on slot machines.

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