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Irish inspiration for Evoplay Entertainment’s newest immediate on-line casino game

Millions of people about the planet lately celebrated St Patrick’s Day and Maltese online casino games developer Evoplay Entertainment is hoping to capitalize by way of the launch of its new slot-like Patrick’s Magic Field immediate game.

The innovator utilised an official Thursday press release published by European Gaming Media and Events to declare that its most current immediate advance is themed about all things Irish and challenges iGaming aficionados to ‘visit the enchanting Rainbow Hill’ so as to potentially bank rewards worth up to 9,000 instances their triggering stake.

Troublesome trickster:

Evoplay Entertainment offers on the internet casino operators about the globe a portfolio of more than 115 video slots and detailed that the colorful Patrick’s Magic Field characteristics a leprechaun protagonist named ‘Evelina’. The developer also asserted that this mischievous character has hidden a plethora of ‘valuable prizes’ amongst the four-leaf clovers of Rainbow Hill with players becoming tasked to uncover these rewards with out stepping on any ‘unpleasant tricks’.

Grid gaiety:

Established in 2003, Evoplay Entertainment pronounced that Patrick’s Magic Field challenges punters to choose lucrative prizes out of 25 cells without triggering ‘a collection of bombs’ its protagonist ‘has meticulously hidden’ amongst a five-row and five-column grid in order to stop the disappearance of her ‘prized possessions’. The innovator in addition stated that its newest advance provides ‘a simple gaming knowledge’ and enables punters managing to avoid any of these traps the chance to ‘win big’.

Changeable contingency:

To further heighten the tension in Patrick’s Magic Field and Evoplay Entertainment, its newest game also enables players to adjust their danger level by decreasing or increasing the prospective quantity of bombs hidden amongst its 25-box grid. The developer affirmed that more mines equate to ‘a higher likelihood of losing’ even though aficionados are compensated as ‘every single cell includes a greater multiplier to reward the lucky couple of that don’t fall victim to Evelina’s traps’.

Speedy reaction:

Ivan Kravchuk serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Evoplay Entertainment and he utilized the press release to proclaim that Patrick’s Magic Field is powered by his firm’s personal Spinential games engine to offer you load instances that can be ‘up to ten times more quickly’ than competitor titles as effectively as an enhanced user interface, an auto spin feature and a game history bar that ‘allows players to track their accomplishment’.

Read a statement from Kravchuk…

St Patrick’s Day is a time exactly where individuals celebrate their excellent fortune and we’re hoping to enhance the party with this newest release. This thrilling immediate game provides a simple but highly entertaining gaming expertise to offer players with a joyous time and each and every possibility to take home huge rewards.”