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What is Handicap Betting in E-sports?

Let’s face it that while playing online Fifa or CS:GO, we have all come across some formidable opponents. They not only have higher skill levels and greater manage but also best ranks that give them an added advantage. No matter how difficult we try, we just cannot beat them. They have hours of practice and therefore better upgrades that tip the game in their favour. Thus, it becomes a a single-sided match as we merely do not stand a likelihood.

However, when it comes to online betting, such matches do not attract wagers. You would not place your money on the weaker group when you know the odds are wholly against you. This tends to make the betting web sites lose money and consumers. Hence, to spice factors up, most of the sites introduced handicap betting. Handicap bets give a somewhat level playing field and mix things up to make the tie fascinating. There are various types of handicap betting in e-sports, and this write-up will support you realize them.&nbsp

What is handicap betting?

When a stronger team and a fairly weaker one play a tie, bookmakers hand out a virtual advantage or disadvantage before the match. Either the stronger group gets a virtual disadvantage, or the weaker group is offered a virtual advantage. This virtual benefit or disadvantage is recognized as a handicap, and the practice is recognized as handicap betting. The objective of the handicap bet is to make the playing fields much more equal, hence drawing in far more wagers.

How does handicap betting perform?

Let us take the instance of an on the internet football match to understand how handicap betting functions. Picture somebody playing with Brazil has to play against someone selecting an Asian team, for example, Nepal. Simply because of such a pronounced gap in quality, Neymar’s team would have drastically greater odds of winning against Nepal. Hypothetically, Brazil could be priced about 1/25 to win, while Nepal is 40/1. Given that Brazil’s cost is so brief, it is unlikely to lure in a lot of gamblers searching for worth.&nbsp

To make the odds far more profitable, bookmakers would back Brazil to win the game by at least 5 objectives. To do this, betting sites would assign them a -4 handicap – effectively, they start the match four targets down.

Contrariwise, bookmakers can also bring Nepal’s price down by backing them, to start with, a handful of targets benefit. If gamblers are to wager them on a +4 handicap, as far as this bet was concerned, they will start off the game 4 targets ahead.&nbsp

For Nepal to win the bet, they can not shed the game by a lot more than 3 targets. A 4 aim defeat will automatically level the match from the perspective of the handicapped bet.

Diverse varieties of handicap bets

There is a wide assortment of handicap betting available in the e-sports circuit. Some of the main types of handicap betting are:

1. Map handicap betting

In e-sports, the most basic choice of handicap betting is to gamble on the victor of the game. In a set of 3 matches, most bookmakers offer a bet on the winner with a map handicap of +1.five or -1.five. You typically come across this type of handicap betting in games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends (LoL).&nbsp

2. Round handicap betting

Numerous on-line e-sports gambling sites give the option to wager on the quantity of rounds won by a team. It is generally counted in a single map or a match. These sorts of bets are less complicated to call a handicap. For example, player A is assigned a handicap of +5.five in a bet on the round superiority. He has to guarantee that he does not drop by far more than 5 rounds in order to win the bet. In these kinds of betting, it does not matter regardless of whether he won the game or not.&nbsp

3. Kill handicap betting

This betting choice is fairly comparable to round handicap betting. Even so, we count the number of kills in a single match or map alternatively of rounds won. Again, your wager does not concern about who the winner is. Let us say that the preferred group has a handicap of -six. As long as the underdog does not drop by far more than five kills, they win the bet.


Handicap betting in e-sports is all about creating the game a lot more intriguing to attract gamblers. Most of the time, you bet on total rounds won or kills in such games. This helps you to make a lot more funds than betting on the favored to win the tie.

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